This is a one day course run over 5 hours, from 9am to 2pm, - on Sunday 29th September. If the weather is suitably warm we may extend passed 2pm to allow some extra time with you in Beesuits, working some active Beehives. Your course materials & information will be provided for you to keep.

Please Note : This is a one day course only.

LOCATION : The Buzzstop Honey Centre, 26 Hansen Rd, Queenstown (across the road from Events Centre, Frankton).

PLEASE BRING : pen and paper, closed toe shoes or boots suitable for beekeeping. We have a cafe which provides a variety of lunch options, or you are welcome to bring your own lunch / cold drinks. We will provide coffee / tea and nibbles for morning tea.

Parking is free and plentiful, you can park in the new carpark being developed on the lake side of our premise - just drive in and we will direct you where to go. Morning Tea including a savoury delight and our famous ROAR coffee, or tea options will be provided in the morning break.

You will be based out of our function room, which will be closed to the public - so your belongings will be safe and sound.

Weather permitting, we will provide all students a beesuit and gloves so we can open an active hive onsite, and run through the basics of opening & working a hive, and explaining how a colony operates within a typical hive.

Questions / Queries : Call Rosie or Nick on 021942808

This is the perfect introduction to discover what's required to get your own beehive, and understand what skills you will need to understand how a bee colony operates from season to season. You will also learn what is required to inspect and maintain your bees, and the challenges our bee hives face in terms of pests like the Varroa mite and wasps. We’ll advise the gear you need to begin, and where to find it at the best price.

We have condensed this course down to cover the important stuff in an easily digestible format.

Once you are hooked, we are happy to help you get you own Hive and Bees this coming Spring, and be there to offer you ongoing support. And of course we have all the equipment to uncap, spin and filter your very own honey, from your very own bees. There is no better feeling, than enjoying your own golden nectar!

Our Community Apiaries are planned to open in Spring 2019. These will be on an easily accessible site(s), where hives owned by local couples and families can be worked on regularly, along with on onsite training sessions with a Buzzstop Beekeeper. This will provide great hands-on learning, in a fun environment, with lots of other new beekeepers.

Important inspections and problem solving can be taken care of by the Buzzstop team, giving you peace of mind and a happy beehive. If you are interested in having a beehive at one of our community apiaries contact or for further information, or just chat to us when you attend your course.

Complete the form below to book your space today with the introductory price of $200.00 plus gst per person.

Dates available:

Sunday 29th September from 9am - 2pm

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