Tour#1  Spin-Your-Own-Honey

Daily Monday - Sunday 10.30 am

Cost : Adults: $69.00, Child (under 15) $59.00 Family (2+2) $256.00, Extra child (under 15) $49.00

Duration : 70 minute experience

Our #1 Visitor Experience

A hands-on, fun and educational experience for all ages. Great for families.                                                                                     Learn about bees and get sticky with this fully interactive activity, extracting and bottling your very own jar of kiwi honey to take away with you valued at $10.00 - you can even add a personalised label featuring you.



Your guide will provide you with a frame filled with delicious natural honey.  

During spring and summer we will endeavor to access fresh local honey from in and around Queenstown, and Central Otago.   We'll store this same honey for use over autumn and winter....that's the great thing about honey, it lasts just about forever.  Honey was found in a Egyptian burial chamber, it was carbon dated at 3300 years old - and was in perfect condition and tasted great!

taking the caps off.jpg

Stage 2

Insert your frame of honey into your 2-frame manual extractor and wind the handle to rotate the cage holding your frame. The centrifugal force will throw the honey onto the sides of the drum. And your honey will pool at the bottom of the drum, ready to filter and bottle.



Stage 3

Open the 'Honey Gate' and watch your honey pour into a filter to remove any bees wax etc.  Once filtered, its ready to bottle. You can lick the honey off your fingers now, and choose how you want to label your honey.

Use one of our off-the-shelf Buzzstop labels, or for an extra fee we can take your photo and apply it to your own personalised label.