Buzzstop - Options for 2019 / 2020 Season.

1/ BEEHIVES (without bees), 2/ Bee suits, 3/ NUCS, 4/ rent-a-hive and how to join our COMMUNITY APIARY.

Are you a budding beekeeper wanting to get your first hive cranking this season? Your first step is to buy an new (empty) bee hive, in which we can add bees in the weeks to come. You can buy your Bee hives, beesuits and nucs through the Buzzstop > call Nick or Rosie on 021942808.

Or contact any trusted supplier like :


Need Bees? - See ‘Nucs’ below.

Beekeeping in Central Otago is different to other parts of New Zealand. We have hot, dry Summers and cold, wet winters. It’s imperative you buy the right kind of hive, set-up for our unique conditions. In particular, your boxes must have been dipped in paraffin wax to seal the timber , this makes them impervious to moisture and gives them a 20+ year life. Undipped boxes will warp, split and be useless within 1-2 yrs.

And if you buying plastic frames, they must be ‘waxed’ - which means they have been sprayed lightly with a coating of beeswax. Bees are very smart and won’t work with blank plastic frames. Never buy blank plastic frames, as you will have to then buy beeswax blocks, melt these and then manually paint each frame, both sides, with a paint roller covered in your melted beeswax - this is a bloody nightmare!!

1. EMPTY, NEW BEEHIVES - Cost $299 GST inclusive

These are composed of high-quality components proven to handle local conditions, and all brand new :

  • A wooden hive matt (floor)

  • 2 x Full Depth (FD) Boxes, wax dipped and painted

  • 20 x Full Depth plastic frames, spayed with beeswax

  • A steel wire Queen Excluder with timber frame (not plastic!)

  • An insulated Top Board (or Crown board)

  • A quality top feeder (for feeding sugar syrup etc. to your bees in early Spring / Autumn)

  • Galvanised Steel Roof


  • Prices Include GST, but may not include courier charges to get items to Queenstown.


  • 3 LAYER SUIT > 3 Layer suits, $120

  • COMMERCIAL 100% Cotton > $110

  • STANDARD > $95

  • BUDGET > $65


  • 3 LAYER SUIT > $95

  • STANDARD > $65

3. NUCS - Cost $280 GST inclusive 20 available in October, and 20 in November

Locals who have completed a ‘Introduction to Beekeeping Course’ at the Buzzstop have first option on Nucs.

We can help you to stock your new, empty beehive with bees, which we call a ‘nuc’. This is short for nucleus, and is essentially a starter pack comprising 4-5 frames full of bees, brood, honey, pollen and a new Spring Queen. This ‘nuc’ can be dropped into your empty hive, and then your hive is ready to begin its life. We have partnered with the good buggars from Honeyzone to produce this seasons Nucs.

In order to qualify for a ‘Nuc’ you must be a Registered your Beehive(s) and be able to supply us with your Registration Number when you collect your Nuc. To Register your hive :

The key reason we must all register our beehives and apairies is a shared goal to eradicate American FoulBrood in managed colonies (beehives) in New Zealand.


We recommend new beekeepers setting up their first hive, keep it at our Community Apiary in Year 1, where it can monitored by experienced Beekeepers in its crucial first year. This Apairy is close to the Kelvin Heights turnoff from the State Highway south.

It’s still your hive, and you can visit & work it anytime you like, but you have the safety net of having an experienced eye check your hive over throughout its first year. And we will run onsite training sessions where all hive owners can meet and learn together, as we open and work your hives together.

If you don’t want to do this, and would rather keep your your new hive at your home / section. Then we strictly require it to be inspected at least twice in its first year by a Buzzstop Beekeeper. If your hive is carrying disease, and you can’t recognise this, you can spread that disease to other people’s hives right around the Wakatipu basin. You don’t want to be that person!

Want us to add Bees to your own Beehive?

If you have your own empty Beehive, and just need us to add a ‘nuc’ to it, please drop your Hive to the Buzzstop. Ensure its entrance is blocked, your Registration Number is written on the side (even in marker pen is fine) and your name / mobile number are on a piece of paper between the top board and your hive roof. And ideally, your hive is strapped to stop the lid blowing off in Queenstown’s boistrous Spring winds.

First Intake SEPTEMBER - drop your empty hive(s) to the Buzzstop by Sept 30th. Your bee-filled hive(s) will be ready for collection late October.

Second Intake OCTOBER - drop your empty hive(s) to the Buzzstop by Oct 31st. Your bee-filled hive(s) will be ready for collection late November.


What is the Cost each Year?

$500 (GST inclusive), includes 10Kg of local honey per year for you to enjoy. This wonderful honey is chocker block full of local pollen, and is highly sort after by locals to help build immunity to the affects of Hay Fever. Your hive will also act as an amazing pollination force for up to 3km radius around its location.

Spring has sprung, and another high-season begins.

If you are interested in Renting a Hive, then the earlier this is established the better. We have a relatively short 6 month season here in Queenstown, so the sooner a hive is expanding its population, and accumulating honey & pollen, the stronger it will be for next Winter.

We will be offering an initial quantity of 20 Hives to Queenstown locals, available from mid / late October. But if demand exceeds this, we will extend this offer.

We are also very conscious of the presence of horrible diseases in and around Queenstown, such as American Foul Brood (AFB). The continuing presence of this disease can be somewhat attributed to hobby beekeepers who don’t inspect their hives as they should, and simply don’t know what to look for. Your Managed Hive is cared for by an experienced Commercial Beekeeper, qualified in disease identification.

What is a Rent-a-Hive?

This is a beehive that is totally set-up from new by us, and managed year round. That includes regular inspections, (especially over peak growth periods in Spring). This also includes twice annual Varroa treatments, and additional winter feeding if required. In summary, we do all the grunt work and you just sit back and relax. Includes 10Kg of honey a year.