Honey Bee Education in Queenstown NZ

Our Mission : To Educate and Entertain

The Buzzstop is 'All things Bees & Honey under one roof'.  And of greatest importance to us is Education.

Our tours & experiences are about increasing your knowledge of Bees and Honey in a fun, interactive way.   We want you to return to your home with a greater understanding of bees, and their key role as pollinators in the global food chain....so you can better help Bees in your own backyard.

Family learning about bees and beekeeping
teaching about honey combs
Adult and children in beekeeping suits

We want you to truly understand what 'real' honey is, its physical properties, and its health benefits.

We will guide you through honey's amazing journey from flower to the jars on our shop shelves. 

This is a hands-on process, you will get sticky!

It all begins with nectar collected by foraging Bees and flown back to their Beehive.....its then deposited into honeycomb, and transformed from simple nectar into honey to store for their winter food supply.... we then remove frames of capped mature honey, and guide you through uncapping, spinning, filtering and packing this golden honey into jars. We'll even take your photo, and print your own personalised honey labels.

We design our tours to entertain all age groups, from 5 yr to 95 yrs.   And offer indoor tours that operate all year around, even when snow is falling outside. 

Spin-Your-Own Honey Tours

One of Queenstown's Highest Rated Family Activities. Great for Corporate Events and Team Building. Available 7 days a week, all year around. Inquiries : cafe@buzzstop.co.nz or call Nick on 021 942 808

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Would you like the Buzzstop to source honey for your business to sell Internationally?

Please contact us by subscribing here, and we will be in touch.  Alternatively call Nick or Rosie on 021942808 or from overseas +6421932808

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