Pure and Raw Manuka Honey of Native Bees From Our Honey Farm

The Buzzstop has New Zealand's widest selection of Native Honey.

We stock Premium Manuka Honey from UMF 5+to 24+, Native Honey from the top to the very bottom of New Zealand, fill-your-own* Local honey on tap, Comb Honey and Craft / Artisan honey from wonderful family beekeeping operations.

* Welcome to bring your own jars / containers for fill-your-own honey, or use ours.

native bee collecting flower nectars

Manuka Honey - What's the Buzz?

New Zealander's love affair with native honey began with the introduction of the European Honey Bee by Missionaries in the 1830's.   

Long before Mānuka Honey was recognised, Māori (the first people of New Zealand) had long understood the healing power of the Mānuka tree. They used the bark, the oil and flowers for natural remedies.

native bee collecting nectars from manuka flowers

But its only in the last decade that global demand for pure New Zealand honey has soared, primarily to the incredible antibiotic and healing properties of Mānuka Honey.   Worldwide demand far exceeds what Kiwi bee-keepers can supply - making NZ honey the highest value per Kg honey on earth.  

Come and see what all the fuss is about at the Buzzstop. We have Mānuka trees growing onsite, which flower around November & December each year.  Join one of our experienced local beekeepers to guide you through a Mānuka Honey tasting. We will explain how the UMF and MGO Rating Systems work, and how to choose the right Mānuka Honey for your needs.

Red bush flowers in Southern Rata

Native Honey

New Zealand's long narrow land mass covers a wide range of latitude. For a small country we possess a huge variety of micro climates and habitats - these in turn have allowed for a huge array of unique native plants to evolve and flourish over millions of years. 

The red brush flower shown here show is the Southern Rata.  An incredible must-have honey to take home with you.

Each flower produces a  nectar's with unique characteristics - and with Bees help, these are reflected in our amazing range of such very different honey's. Try and buy these Native Honey's at the Buzzstop :  Rata, Kamahi, Beech Forest, Kanuka, Manuka, Tawari, Central Otago Wildflowe etc.

Daily Honey Spinning Tours

We extract and bottle fresh honey every day of the year in our 'Spin-your-own-Honey' Tour.    This is a fun, hands-on, activity great for all ages - and superb for families.  

Join us to uncap, spin, filter and bottle your very own jar of honey to take home with you.  Includes a personalised honey label featuring a photo of you.

Free Honey Tasting

If you are purchasing Honey, there is a honey tasting table. This is a sensory journey exploring the differences in origin, taste, smell and colour between different native honeys, multi floral honeys and raw & creamed Honey. Manuka Honey is available to taste - just ask staff. Manuka Honey Tasting can be run as a full guided Experience - contact Nick c/- cafe@buzzstop.co.nz or Mobile : 021 942 808

New Zealand is World Renowned for Manuka Honey

We stock a complete range of quality Active Manuka Honey . The stunning blanket of white flowers you see in this image - that's their Manuka Trees in flower, whose rich nectar provides the origin of all Manuka Honey.

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