Buzzstop is Queenstown’s home for all things Bees and Honey.

Buzzstop honey centre is a must-do when visiting Queenstown.  We offer a one-stop shop for all things bees and honey. Taste and purchase a fantastic selection of kiwi honey; including local raw honey, premium active manuka honey, and artisan/craft honey from all corners of New Zealand.

Buzzstop offers a wide variety of fun, educational and hands-on activities for all ages, everyday.  Experiences ideal for families, and visitors seeking to better understand bees, and how to assist bees in their own backyards.

Discover how bees convert nectar from flowers into delicious natural honey, learn the difference between a drone, a worker and a queen bee.  Join our daily 'Honey Tasting' to uncover the back story behind the land, plants, geography and bee-keepers behind each honey.      Make your own beeswax candles, honey soap and beeswax wraps.

Get up close and personal with these industrious creatures in our large see-through observation hive. Have a go at spinning and bottling your own honey to take home with you.  Or climb into your own bee suit and experience Being-a-Beekeeper.  

Our retail area has a wide range of New Zealand manuka honey and honey-related products including skincare, beeswax candles, sweet treats, beekeeping equipment, gift ware and delicious local honeys. 

Our cafe has indoor and outdoor seating with amazing view of the Remarkables, a honey influenced menu, barista-made ROAR Coffee, Kapiti Ice-Cream, and freshly cooked belgian waffles drizzled in honey.

Buzzstop is a New Zealand owned and operated business.



Learn about bees, before getting your own frame of honey to ‘spin’. Filter and then bottle your very own jar of delicious kiwi honey to take away with you. An indoor experience suitable for all ages. There are no live bees involved with this activity.

Enjoy five amazing NZ Honeys - like wine tasting but with honey!          EDUCATIONAL & FUn. A GREAT FAMILY EXPERIENCE. SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES

Honey is the ultimate reflection of the geography, climate and plant species that encircle the bee hive it came from.                                In this experience we delve into the back story behind five very unique honeys from five very different parts of New Zealand.

Our current honey selection : Tangy manuka and wildflower honey from Northland / zesty Tawiri honey from remote native bush in East Cape / organic thyme honey from Central Otago / pristine white clover honey from Southland / a pseudopanax rich bush honey from Bay of Plenty

Make and keep honey soaP, a beeswax candle and a beeswax wrap valued at approx $35.00

Hands-on fun for all ages. Make a selection of beeswax candles, honey soap, and beeswax wraps to take home with you. Your take-home crafts are valued at around $35 per person.

Choose from our range of candle / soap molds, bases and ingredients to create your own masterpieces from natural ingredients. This hands-on, interactive experience is great for all ages and operates all year round. Your guide will help you create and handcraft your own beeswax candles and honey soap. We supply safe, ready-to-use ingredients including liquid beeswax, sheets of solid beeswax foundation, soap bases, wicks, molds and travel tins required to craft your own masterpieces. 

Your activity fee includes your choice of two activities from our menu of honey soap making, beeswax candles or beeswax wraps. You can arrange to make and purchase additional activities, or purchase more candles, soap and wraps if you wish. Once you are trained up, you can come back and make your own soap, candles or wax wraps at anytime.

Private Bookings Welcome / Groups 

We can operate the "Let's make it" tours as a private activity for groups of 6+ persons. Alternatively we can work with you to design a multi-activity product for larger groups, coach tours, or conferences.  Contact Nick : 021 942 808 /                                                                                                        



rolled beeswax candles & pillar candles


Make-your-own honey soap, using our 100% natural, raw NZ honey.

A Fun,educational and in-depth look inside the life of an active bee-hive.    great for all ages. all your bee gear is provided.

A hands-on, interactive experience for anyone from five years old and upwards. Learn about bees at our Buzzstop base, then climb into a bee suit and slide on your gloves. Join one of our experienced local bee keepers and open up and work an active bee hive. Learn about the inner workings of these amazing colonies, and their importance to our global food chain. Try and find the queen bee.


If you're feeling brave, you can hold a frame containing 100s of bees - we'll even get a photo of you to prove it!


Observation Hive                                                                                     

Get up close and personal with 1000s of busy bees while viewing our active observation hives through a clear acrylic hive wall. Hear them buzz, smell the honey, and look for the queen. These hives are most active when its warm & sunny outside, particularly over spring and summer. During winter a bee colony clusters together to keep warm and slowly consumes their pollen and honey stores.

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Open 7 days 

 View a live bee colony through clear acrylic hive walls,   inside our observation room.